In 1978, Heinz-Werner Feld founded a company for metalworking and mechanical engineering. Mr. Feld soon invested in future strategies and took on the challenges and requirements of new complex markets. With targeted investments and further developments he was able to form a competitive, innovative and future-oriented company.

Mechanical engineering is constantly undergoing technological change, and always subject to continually changing customer requirements. Our objective is to meet these requirements with expertise and experience. Today the Feld Company is an expert, efficient team of 90 employees using innovative and modern machines in the mechanical engineering and plant construction industry.

The well-equipped machinery pool allows us to offer flexible and efficient production in turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. With 90 employees, we work on a variety of the materials used in mechanical engineering and on the basis of drawings, sketches, or patterns. The raw material is supplied by us or provided by our customers. A high level of technology, our qualified employees, and the more than 30 years of experience guarantees you the best possible quality.


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Spare parts

The Feld Rides spare part service ensures maximum availability of your machines and systems. Our original spare parts guarantee the known high OEM quality.

The supply of spare parts includes ready-to-install assemblies. Only original spare parts from Feld Rides will warrant maximum performance and long life of your machines!


Feld Rides is available for you 24/7. Together with our service staff, the person responsible for the machine at your end will be able to analyze service cases such as operator errors or component deviations directly.

Assigning your service case a top priority is what makes our service task force stand out. The direct involvement of project design engineers and specialists, whenever needed, ensures finding the fastest solution for the problem


Preventive maintenance on systems, machine and operating materials safeguards their operational safety – permanently and cost effectively.